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I'm a 35 year old, happily married, Christian, stay at home mother to four children. I am overweight by about 77 pounds so I decided to do something about it. I'm counting my calories! I created this blog to help others with yummy recepes and ideas on how they can eat healthy as well.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Yay! I'm thrilled!

This morning I stepped on the scale and was so happy! 231.6.  Just to give you an idea, on October 5th I started out at 243.8 I think it was.  I haven't been under 233 in over TEN years!!! Travis has never seen me under 233 so each day for him is a new me!  So far, I've lost five pounds since my last weigh in Weds.  I'm going to be so happy when I get into the 220's. That was my first mini goal. My next mini goal will be under 200. I haven't been under 200 since hm.m.... probably since I was 21. I'm 35 so that's a long time.

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