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I'm a 35 year old, happily married, Christian, stay at home mother to four children. I am overweight by about 77 pounds so I decided to do something about it. I'm counting my calories! I created this blog to help others with yummy recepes and ideas on how they can eat healthy as well.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Well this weekend was a nightmare. My mother in law passed away. It was really hard to eat well. In fact, they ordered pizza because it was cheapest. I had one piece and a breadstick. Later that day I ate a salad. But if I'm being honest... and I'm trying to be very honest, while I was in the cafeteria I bought a 90 cent piece of carrot cake. I'm sure it was like 300 calories. *sigh* such a sad day, I felt myself slipping back into the eating mode of eat when I'm emotional.  I didn't even tell Travis (my husband) this. It's easier to post it on a blog than talk about it in real life I guess. So maybe he'll follow my blog and call me out on it LOL. Anyway, that night my kids and Travis had Mc Donalds and after they were done eating, we drove to Subway for me. I was very proud of myself for this because I absolutely LOVE Mc Donalds Big Macs!! But I did good and ate a six inch and baked lays.  So even with that cake, I don't think I went over my calories at all. I didn't get my snacks in, that's the only reason. Just keeping it real.  I may not lose much by Weds. but I'm allowing myself to be okay with that.

Thanks for listening.


  1. Rebecca,

    Sounds like you still worked hard to maintain control, even in difficult circumstances. Good for you!

    Please pass our condolences on to Travis. (((Hugs)))

    --Christa Zellar & family

  2. It's easier to talk in blog posts because no one will judge you. That is what i find w/ most of the time. You don't have a face to put with the posts.

    Again i am sorry for your loss and will pray for you!